BHO repeats!

I guess I have never been so much excited about a political event as the tonight's elections. Certainly, it was more or less clear what the results will be, but somehow all elite media in the country (CNN, Fox, NyTimes, etc) worked so hard to revive Mitt's profile after each failure during his race. Partly because of that it came almost as a surprise that Barack's victory could be so clear and decisive. Not all votes have been accounted for yet, but it's clear that the advantage is superb -- BO is probably gonna win the popular vote too (he's leading now as I'm typing).

It's a bit disappointing though that the Democrats did purely in the race for the House, but nobody expected them take over it this election. One may wonder what the administration should do next to make this wish come true, but it seems to be a bit too hard at the moment. So the system is still in a no-go situation in the Congress for the next couple of years at least.

Yet, tonight's elections show that America does not accept an old 1950's attitude Republican style any longer, so the "big elephant" has to think of some changes and do them quickly -- otherwise they are risking to have someone blue again (hey, what about Hillary:) ) in the White House starting at 2016. I'd love to see those changes, at the moment it's even hard to predict which color should we paint the Republican party for years from now....


буду встречать над Атлантикой...

UPD Вена... немного напоминает Тулу -- трамваи (только в Туле я на них ездил до этого), ларьки с цветами, палатки с чебуреками...

Спасибо за поздравления (тут и по скайпу)

Русский язык

А я знаю где можно услышать русскую речь в Соединенных Штатах! Надо включить Comcast TV cable на канале 77 -- это NASA TV, там за кадром слышны переговоры космонавтов на ISS с ЦУПом


Anybody flying to Moscow from US within 2-3 weeks? I need to ship passports (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc cannot ship a passport to Russia). Anyway, please let me know.


Apple introduced a new gadget -- iPad. Personally I doubt it will be that much popular among people like scientists or engineers as it's good merely for browsing, photo watching, podcast and movie watching and other entertainment crap. If you need to type something to say nothing of doing calculations -- no iPad will help you. Carrying both iPad and MacBook in one bag makes the whole game meaningless...